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MetaMorfosi Alternative Club proudly presents:

DIVE [Absolute Body Control // Klinik] 
special guest: Date at Midnight | open act by Malato

Friday 9th of March at Traffic Club, Rome.


Belgian electronic pioneer Dirk Ivens, also known for his work with Sonar, Absolute Body Control , Blok 57, S/HE and ex-singer of The Klinik, unleashes the eagerly awaited new album of his cult project DIVE. “Underneath” is another piece of dark minimalist Electro-art with an evolving sound.

After a hiatus of more than a decade (the last output was the complete backcatalogue released as a 8 cd boxset) Dirk Ivens' project DIVE finally returns with a new sign of life. For the new album “Underneath”, he has again teamed up with Ivan Iusco (who he worked with on “Concrete Jungle”) and Rafael M. Espinosa (his collaborator on “Behind The Sun”.) The result is a maelstrom of minimalist Electronica that ranges from fascinating to unsettling and that no other act can quite accomplish in the same way: Stripped-bare rhythms, dark, machine-like sequencers, psychotic synth-sounds that are expertly intertwined with cleverly placed noise-attacks and the distinctive, feverishly manic and ghostly raw voice of Dirk Ivens towering above it all. Some tracks, like the groovy “Far Away” or the hammering “Something” have turned out surprisingly catchy, but as a whole “Underneath” is a menacing behemoth that relentlessly pulls the listener into its dark machine world. The album feels like a David-Lynchian fever dream, oscillating wildly between cutting Industrial-loops, dark Minimal-art and groovy Electronic-Body-beats that converge into a physical tour de force. In their effectively relentless reduction of their sound to the bare necessities, DIVE yet again manage to create a one-of-a-kind experience. “Underneath” is released on the German based label Out Of Line on CD and as a limited LP edition in classy dark green vinyl, containing the CD in a slip case as bonus.

The new DIVE album "Underneath" from Dirk Ivens in collaboration with Ivan Iusco (Minus Habens) and Rafael M. Espinosa (Geistform) is out now on the German based label Out Of Line.
Dirk Ivens ( ex -The Klinik / Absolute Body Control / Sonar) operates solo under the name DIVE, a mixture of minimal, hypnotic and rhythmic beats combined with haunting vocals and lyrics about hope, death, love and fear.
Primitive, harsh and experimental with an evolving sound.
With a minimum on equipment, armed with a minidisc, megaphone and two stroboscopes, Dirk Ivens creates a maximum of power and he proved worldwide on many stages that less means more. The last output was the complete backcatalogue released as a 8 cd boxset.

special guest // Date at Midnight

Date at Midnight ( formed in Rome in 2007, the current line - up features Daniele De Angelis (voice), Pasquale Vico (bass), Francesco Barone (guitar) and Francesco Mignogna (drums), who joined in 2012 following the former drummer Danilo Staniscia, and quickly established a strong reputation both in Italy and abroad. 
They released a debut, self - titled EP (2008), and then the album “No Love” (2011) for Manic Depression Records ( After five years of touring and composing new materials, the band released a new album, “Songs to fall and Forget”, again for Manic Depression, bringing some additional wave melancholia to their dark and impacting goth/postpunk sound, widely appraised during the band’s live appearances made all across Europe.
open act by MALATO fan page

Industrial music for industrial people.

Music by Dj Severance & Dj Chemnitz

Ebm | Techno | Electro | Minimal | Acid | Synthpop | Eighies
Wave | Postpunk | Industrial | Esotheric | Neo Folk

Garden Area // Alterantive market & stand

 Open 10pm // Close 5am
 Ticket 13€

Traffic Live Club, via Prenestina 738 [Roma]

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