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MetaMorfosi Alterantive Club & Traffic Live proudly presents:

WITCHES OF DOOM // new single-video official premiere 
Friday 9th of February at Traffic Club, Rome.

Aborym is an italian five-piece industrial electro rock metal band active on the scene since 1992 with 7 official studio albums whose avantguardistic and experimental approach and eye-popping lyrics have attracted hundreds. With a career span of over 25 years, they firstly established themselves as pioneers in the Extreme Industrial Metal genre, setting new landmarks for them as well as for other activists in the Extreme Metal scene, and over the last few years shifting to a more Industrial Rock Metal environment while putting more emphasis on their Industrial landscapes, entering a new era in the exploration of Industrial music in an effort that cannot be made more clear with their latest output SHIFTING.negative. 
In 1999, the band struck a deal with the italian Scarlet Records to release their first full-length album, “Kali Yuga Bizarre”. The album was well-received, with the caveat that was to become their trademark at that time. In 2001, Aborym released their second album, “Fire Walk with Us!”, 2003 saw Aborym release “With No Human Intervention” through Code666 in Europe and Mercenary Musik/WEA/Arista in the United States. In 2006, Aborym signed with a bigger label in the form of Season of Mist to release their fourth record, “Generator”. 
In 2010, Aborym released the fifth album “Psychogrotesque” featuring sound consulting by Marc Urselli at Eastside Sound Studios, New York. As usual, the album was announced to be featuring a number of guest appearances, in this case Narchost (of Fabban's other band, Malfeitor), Karyn Crisis (Crisis), Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath), Marcello Balena, and Richard Szabo (of Timewave Zero), amongst others.
On October 2012, Aborym entered Fear No One studios to record their sixth album, the follow-up to Psychogrotesque, called “Dirty”. The 10-track double album has been released on Agonia Records on the 28th May in Europe and the 11th June in the USA/North America.

On January the 25th “SHIFTING.negative”, seventh official album has beend released by Agonia Records (cd, gatefold Lp, boxset, digital). It has been written by Fabban in 3 years, and it was conceived by making songwriting and arranging, pre-production, production and sound design the same thing. Early ideas for “SHIFTING.negative” were conceived after Fabban teamed up with guitarist Dan V. After the recently departed guitarist Paolo Pieri, Fabban employed Dan V along with the long time band's associate RG Narchost, the ex-Ephel Duath mastermind guitarist Davide Tiso and the synth-player keyboardist Stefano Angiulli to achieve various industrial rock, metal elements. “SHIFTING.negative” features a wide range of textures and moods to illustrate the mental and technical progress of the Aborym project and its never-ending industrial uprising. Among the high-profile cameos announced for the band’s seventh official record, alongside Ministry and Revolting Cocks's Sin Quirin, The Electric Hellfire Club's Ricktor and Dope Stars Inc.'s Victor Love, there are Mr Cain Cressall from the crushing australian outfit The Amenta, bringing his unique style of vocal to a few tracks, Luciano Lammana on modular synths, Greg Watkins (Static of Masses, Order Sixty Six), Kelly Bogues (Zogthorgven) on additional ambient noise, Joel Gilardini (The Land of the Snow, Mulo Muto, Black Machineries) additional treated guitars, electronics and (d)ronin, Ben Hall (Silent Eretic) on power-electronics, Tor Helge Skei (Manes) on ambient-electronics, Youko Heidy behind experimental noise and FX.

The “SHIFTING.negative” album has been engineered by Emiliano Natali (Fear No One Studios), Teo Pizzolante (Braingasm Lab) and Luciano Lamanna (Subsound Studios), mixed and mastered by Grammy-award winning Marc Urselli, at Eastside Sound Studios (Lou Reed, John Zorn, Mike Patton). Guido Elmi (Vasco Rossi's legendary producer and manager) has been revealed as the post-production sound supervisor behind the album. 

In november 2016 the band teamed up with the sound designer Andrea Corvo and created their own studio and lab called Synthesis Studio and the five piece line-up (Fabban, vocals, modulars, synths, programming; Dan V on guitars; Rg Narchost on bass and guitar; Stefano Angiulli on synths and Gianluca Catalani on drums) started working on rehearsals and new studio works. Fabban Giannese and his collaborators have been working on a series of recordings in their own sound laboratory Synthesis Studio under supervision of sound engineer Andrea Corvo. Fabban was also personally commissioned by director Raffaele Picchio to compose the score of his latest project “Sakrifice” 's Something for Nobody, produced by Riccardo de Flaviis, that will be part of the “Sangue Misto” series (Director's Cut pictures).

This resulted in a series of exclusive new works and remixes and a 3-part soundtrack to be released as a 3-volume vinyl set under the title “Something for Nobody”, with each volume to be released throughout the year and with volume 1 featuring valuable collaborations and guests with artists such as Keith Hillebrandt (Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, U2, Useful Noise, among others), Angela Martyr, Deflore and Luciano Lamanna. This a gift from the band to the die-hard fans, a celebration of 25 years of relentless sonic transgression, furthermore an experiment that will satisfy the most adventurous of listeners.

“Something for Nobody Vol. 1” has been released on November the 15th via Dead Seed Productions.


ABORYM - Shifting.Negative [new album 2017]

WITCHES OF DOOM [new single-video official premiere]

Witches Of Doom are proud to present their brand new single, of the well known Joy Division classic song, Love Will Tear Us Apart.
This is a complete new remake of the song, underlining the doomy atmosphere with a slow pace tempo; the new track will be released on January via Sliptrick Records. 
A video for the song will be shot shortly.

The Roman ensemble started in 2014 to write their own material and in just a few months the bulk of the debut album was already panned out. Witches of Doom want to play in front of an audience and in Spring 2013 they embark on a series of live dates within the Roman circuit where they will establish their name as one of the hottest bands in the Roman underground music scene. In May 2013 the band finished arranging the ten tracks that will end up on their debut album “Obey” and in November they entered the Hombre Lobo Studios with Fabio Recchia as producer and sound engineer. The ten tracks recorded in those sessions represent a huge step forward, with defined arrangements thanks to the keyboard work of Fabio and Graziano “Eric” Corrado.
The first names that spring to mind to give you an idea are Black Sabbath, The Cult, Paradise Lost, Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode. Eric Corrado is now a full on member of the group who signed with Sliptrick Rec. soon after the band played many venues in Italy and embarked in their first tour in the Baltic countries, receiving lots of appraisal and good feedback.
The band filmed a video for the crowd pleaser U2 song New Years Day, featuring Paul Bento -ex Type O Negative and Carnivore- on lead guitar and produced by Fredrik Folkaiare from Unleashed.
The band has released their second album Deadlights in 2016, produced by Fridrick Folklare of Unleashed. The album received amazing reviews both in Italy and abroad. The band toured the album in Northern Europe receiving a very good response.

open act // Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte [MMM]

Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, also known as MMM, started as a solo project by Adriano Vincneti.

The music at the beginning was focused on power electronics and harsh noise. Sex explicit lyrics and pictures have been a peculiar rough constant, as seen on the first legendary record "Profilo Ottimale delle Ferite". That album was focused on raw and rough murder stories, mixing sinister Noir atmospheres and extreme minimal noise inspired by Atrax Morgue and Murder Corporation. 

Their new record "Hiver Noir" has just been released in November 2017 by roman label Subsound Records (Zu, Deflore, Mombu, Lili Refrain and many others).

aftershow // Dj Severance & Dj Chemnitz
Garden Area // Alterantive market & stand
 Ticket 7€ // Open 9pm // Close 5am
Traffic Live Club, via Prenestina 738 [Roma]

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