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Usciva oggi 'Wheels Are Turnin''

Usciva per la Epic Records nel 1984 l'album 'Wheels Are Turnin' degli statunitensi Reo Speedwagon. Diversi brani del disco si piazzarono nella Billboard Hot 100, mentre l'album stesso raggiunse le prime posizioni in classifica negli Usa.

01. I Do' Wanna Know
02. One Lonely Night
03. Thru the Window
04. Rock 'N Roll Star
05. Live Every Moment
06. Can't Fight This Feeling
07. Gotta Feel More
08. Break His Spell
09. Wheels Are Turnin'
Kevin Cronin: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gary Richrath: Guitar
Neal Doughty: Organ, Synths
Bruce Hall: Bass
Alan Gratzer: Drums

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